Live Super Moe Moe Wallpaper 7

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Moe's rising star wallpaper live

"Live Wallpaper Moe Moe" is more powerful. Quite a few costume patterns, facial expression changes. Hair color and costume, so a user-configurable, can a girl of your choice. Increase the number of clothing if you're using a long time. So tired you can come at any time. I also regularly used with the clock. moe.anime.hentai.manga.livewallpaper. Comiket feature the slope sensor ◆. I get the screen with tilt sensor depth. • Audio. I get the girls sound like tap pants. • Time work. The day is the day and at night is the night background. Work · Twittre. The game screen is displayed as the contents of Twittre set. If you work ※ Twittre, reads information from the Twittre startup. You may be locked for about an hour from start to repeat the operation quickly and Twittre. Each function can be ON / OFF setting screen. [Setting], press the menu button on the home screen can be set with wallpaper wallpaper → live.

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OS:Android 2.1 and up